Quarterly Summaries 1768-1771


In each issue of Cook's Log an article appears saying what was happening to Captain Cook during his voyages.

Some of these articles are available to be read via the links below.

1768 January - March In January, James Cook was Master of Grenville, and preparing to return to Newfoundland to undertake another season’s survey.
In March, Endeavour was chosen for a voyage to the Pacific.
  April - June Cook was appointed to Endeavour to prepare her for a voyage to observe the Transit of Venus from the Pacific.
  July - September Endeavour left Deptford on 21 July, arriving at Plymouth on 14 August.  She sailed from there on 25 August, arriving at Madeira on 12 September.
Meanwhile, at home a son, Joseph Cook, was born.
  October - December Endeavour sailed south along the Atlantic Ocean, arriving at Rio de Janeiro on 13 November. She left on 7 December, continuing her journey to Cape Horn.
1769 January - March Endeavour arrived off the coast of Tierra del Fuego, anchored at the Bay of Success, and headed for Tahiti.
  April - June Endeavour was at Tahiti, where the Transit of Venus was observed.
  July - September Endeavour sailed from Tahiti, around the Society Islands, then headed south in search of the Southern Continent.
  October - December Endeavour arrived at New Zealand, and sailed along most of the east coast of the North Island
1770 January - March Endeavour sailed along the west coast of the North Island of New Zealand, and then around the whole of the South Island.
  April - June Endeavour arrived at Australia, and sailed up the east coast from Point Hicks to Endeavour River
  July - September After a stay at Endeavour River, Endeavour sailed up the east coast of Australia, touched at New Guinea and Savu, then sailed for Batavia (Jakarta)
  October - December Endeavour was being repaired at Batavia (Jakarta)
1771 January - March Endeavour sailed across the Indian Ocean to the Cape of Good Hope
  April - June Endeavour sailed from Cape Town, called at St Helena, and continued northwards up the Atlantic Ocean towards England.
  July - September Endeavour arrived back in England.  James Cook, Joseph Banks and Daniel Solander left her at Deal, whilst she sailed on to Woolwich.

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