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A conference on 21 November, 2020, online and at Brisbane

Twelve papers honouring Captain Cook’s Endeavour voyage along the coast of the Chepara People.
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An online talk on 8 December, 2020, about how Cook spent Christmas

Cook was away from home at Christmas many times
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An online talk on 24 November, 2020, about Cook at Tahiti, and the Transit of Venus

Talk has been cancelled
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An virtual one-page thematic competition on 31 January 2021

Submissions by email.
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An online talk about Captain Cook, music and dance on 21 October 2020

A recording of the talk is available
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First Flowers: Joseph Banks' Florilegium', 9 October - 11 December 2020

An exhibition of botanical prints at Whitby
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in Pursuit of Venus [infected] on show in Leiden until 5 April, 2021

Opening extended until 5 April, 2021
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Events commemorating 250th anniversary of Cook's Pacific voyages
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