The dramatic exploits that made Cook famous all appeared in his first visit to New Zealand--superb seamanship in storms at sea, unrivalled skill in cartography, humanity in meeting the Maoris, finding precise longitude, and not least, keeping his sailors healthy.

From Richard Aulie's study of the first voyage.

Passage to "Staeten Landt"
     The Tasman Voyage
     Storm at Sea
Along the East Coast
     The Landing at Poverty Bay
          Taking Hostages
          "Black be the Mark for it"
          Among the Canoes
     Anaura Bay
     Tolaga Bay
          The Bay of Plenty
     Mercury Bay
     The River Thames
     The Bay of Islands
Cape Maria van Diemen
Ship Cove
Around South Island

To the south, in dark time past, did sail seafarers in canoes of the great fleet, did the children of Tane, leaving far behind the many isl'd Hawaiki. To the sea-lashed Te Ika a Maui they came, to the land of the long white cloud, where hangs the sky far below the guiding star.1

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