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Stockton’s Endeavour Replica - Part 9


replica in November 2017


The Endeavour replica based at Stockton-on-Tees was sold at auction in August 2017.1  


It has subsequently been announced that the ship was bought by a partnership headed by Andrew Fiddler, a Whitby businessman.  He plans to take the ship to Whitby, where it will become another tourist attraction for the town.  The exercise will prove quite costly as, in addition to the ship’s £155,000 purchase price, he is budgeting another £750,000 on refurbishing the vessel.  The following schedule of works will see the vessel arrive in Whitby in Spring 2018. 




Work will begin on unrigging the ship, prior to removing the three masts.  Once the masts have been removed, the vessel will be moved 100m upriver, to lie adjacent to a large car park.  This location will enable two heavy duty cranes to lift the 400 tonne vessel out of the river, and place her on a giant low-loader vehicle.  The vessel will then begin a slow journey by road to a quay in Middlesbrough.  There she will be lowered back into the water.  Tugs will then tow her down the River Tees to a dry dock, where she will be refurbished.


February and March


The extensive refurbishment of the vessel is expected to take at least five weeks.  Whilst various internal works are undertaken, the three masts will
be refitted, and the rigging replaced. 


March and April


The ship will be towed down the River Tees to the coast, then south to the River Esk, where a new berth is being prepared for the vessel in Whitby harbour. 


replica in November 2017




It is hoped that the ship can receive its first visitors in August, the 250th anniversary of the original Endeavour leaving Plymouth in 1768.


Cliff Thornton



1.Cook’s Log, page 5, vol. 40, no. 4 (2017). 

Originally published in Cook's Log, page 17, volume 41, number 1 (2018).

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