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Stockton’s Endeavour Replica - Part 4


On 21st September, 1993, Stockton's riverside heritage project was boosted by the arrival of the steel hulk of the replica Endeavour, built at the AVECO yard on the River Tees at South Bank. It will be another three years before the work is complete.

The Castlegate Quay project is led by Jim Atkinson. David Wheeler, the Administrator, said "We're looking towards Easter before getting the first people on board." In the meantime painters are busy inside.

A successful launch on the 19th was followed by two overnight stops and then the hull negotiated the new barrage, passed under the Princess of Wales bridge and reached Castlegate Quay safely, and just in time: the next time when the tides were expected to be suitable was after the barrage opening had been sealed for good.

From information supplied by
Chris North, Alwyn Peel,
Ian Stubbs and Marjorie Simpson

Originally published in Cook's Log, page 998, volume 17, number 1 (1994).

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