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Year Issue Pages Author Title
1932 Vol. I, August 378-379 Cummins, Alice M. Letter to the Editor - Capt. Cook's "Endeavour"
1933 Vol. II, February 176-178 Brooks, Commander Cecil The Story of the Model of the "Endeavour Bark"
1933 Vol. II, March 219 Svensson, Sam Letter to the Editor - "Endeavour Bark" - "Bireme"
1933 Vol. II, August 383-384 Laird Clowes, G.S. Letter to the Editor - The "Endeavour Bark"
1933 Vol. III, October 63 Svensson, Sam Letter to the Editor - The "Endeavour Bark"
1937 Vol. VII, March 195-198 Lamsley, Arthur The Six sailing Ships "Endeavour"
1938 Vol. VII, September 23-24   A Model of the "Endeavour"

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