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Research position available to study Johann Reinhold Forster in Halle


You are invited to apply for an 18-month part-time position on the subject of “Johann Reinhold Forster at Halle (Germany) – accumulation of the world’s knowledge”.


This project aims to understand Johann Reinhold Forster’s work and achievements after his return from Captain Cook’s Second Voyage.


While the life and work of his son Georg Forster (1754–1794) has been extensively studied, not much is known about his father Johann Reinhold (1729–1798), especially in his later years.
The two Forsters circumnavigated the globe with James Cook.  Then, in 1780 Forster senior left London to become the Professor of natural history and mineralogy at the University of Halle, in Middle Germany.
Traces of Forster can be found in the university archives and in the natural history collections at Halle (Saale) – and he is buried in the historic graveyard (Stadtgottesacker) near the town centre.


The proposed research aims to explore the fruitful interaction between the geographical areas visited by Forster and the epistemic dimensions revealed by his later work, leading to a better understanding of the 18th century “enlightenment” from a regional, national and international perspective.


Application deadline: 15 March 2018
Part-time employment: 65%
Location: Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, Faculty of Arts II, Department of German Studies

Job details: http://www.verwaltung.uni-halle.de/dezern3/Ausschr/18_085.pdf

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