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Questions for Quiz 3


Over the years the CCS has held several quizzes through its journal, Cook's Log.
These are reproduced for you on our web site, so you can take part and test your knowledge of Captain Cook, even if the prizes have long ago been claimed!

Here is Quiz 3.
The questions originally appeared in 1984 (Vol. 7, no. 4, page 312) and the answers the following year (Vol. 8, no. 2, page 354).
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The Questions

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1. What did Cook call the group of islands to which Tahiti belongs?  
2. In what capacity did Sydney Parkinson serve on the Endeavour on Cook's first voyage?  
3. On the second voyage why did Cook, on the Resolution, turn back when he reached the latitude of 71° 10' 5?  
4. The master of the Resolution on the Third Voyage was later to achieve notoriety in several incidents. What was his name?  
5. What was the final name that Cook gave to the place he first called Sting Ray's Harbour?  
6. Which good harbour on the mountainous west coast of North America did Cook discover in March 1778?  
7. At the request of the Victualling Board Cook took some 8,000 pounds of what food on the Endeavour in an attempt to prevent scurvy?  
8. Between which two islands is a strait which Joseph Banks is said to have named after Cook?  
9. By 1771 which animal on board ship had survived two circumnavigations of the globe?  
10. Who commanded the Adventure, the ship which accompanied the Resolution on Cook's second voyage?  
11. What was the name Cook gave to the Melanesian island he visited in September 1774 whose inhabitants he found remarkably honest?  
12. Cook carried four prototypes of a new nautical instrument on the second voyage. What were they?  
13. What naval appointment did Cook hold between the second and third voyages?  
14. For what theft did Cook decide to take a Hawaiian king hostage in February 1779?  
15. What treatment did a Tahitian chief provide when he heard that Cook was sufferring from rheumatism in his hip?  
16. Which other captain died of illness on the voyage home after Cook's death?  
17. Whom did the Royal Society expect to be appointed to command the expedition to the South Seas in 1768?  

Updated: April 2004

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i do homework with captin cook on it im 10
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To go to the answers, click on the words "Answers to this quiz" that appear above the questions
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Where are the answers
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