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Questions for Quiz 2


Over the years the CCS has held several quizzes through its journal, Cook's Log.
These are reproduced for you on our web site, so you can take part and test your knowledge of Captain Cook, even if the prizes have long ago been claimed!

Here is Quiz 2.
The questions originally appeared in 1982 (Vol. 5, no. 4, page 171) and the answers the following year (Vol. 6, no. 2, page 200).
Answers to this quiz

The Questions

Question number Question  
1. Who painted the first Australian landscape and Endeavour shown on
Central African Empire 30 Aug 1978 60f,
Dominica 16 Jul 1979 $5 MS,
Togo 12 Feb 1979 50f?
2. Where is the landscape shown on Niue 30 Jul 1979 35c?  
3. Why is a tortoise used as a watermark on early Tongan stamps?  
4. Cook's signature appears on which stamps?  
5. What is the copyright mark and year that appear on the Canada 26 Apr 1978 14c stamps?
What is their positions - just give number of millimetres from the word CANADA?
6. How many living direct descendants of Cook are there?  
7. Which was the largest of Cook's ships?  
8. On which stamps does the Cook statue at Whitby appear?  
9. The painting shown on Aitutaki 20 Jul 1979 75c also appears on which other stamps?  
10. Which stamps have other Cook stamps as part of their design?  

Updated: April 2004

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