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On online talk on 18 May, 2021, about Cook's arrival at Australia


Phil Philo will be giving a talk called "Smook near the beach"
on Tuesday, 18 May, at 2.00pm (London time)
James Cook arrived at Australia in April 1770 where he observed ‘Smook near the beach’ – a sign of local habitation.
This talk is one of a series that Phil has been giving about the voyages of Captain James Cook.

Taking place using Zoom technology.

Free to attend, though donations welcome.
Organised by Peter Sotheran, who arranges "Tuesday Talks" about the local history and heritage around where he lives.

For information about how to watch this talk, and for other talks visit https://sotherans.wixsite.com/tuesday-talks/forthcoming-talks

06:00 18th - Vancouver, Canada time
09:00 18th - New York, USA time
14:00 18th - London, UK time
15:00 18th - Paris, France time
21:00 18th - Perth, Australia
23:00 18th - Sydney, Australia
01:00 19th - Auckland, New Zealand

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A Canadian Captain Cook Society member, attending online (from Germany)
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