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October 2011

Contents Cook's Log October 2011
Page Article
2 President's Message
The Clerke Memorial, Wethersfield
3 What Can Be Seen From Roseberry Topping?
4 Cook’s Sailing Directions - Part 1
8 John Harrison is Voted a Wakefield Star
Endeavour is an Oil Rig
9 Help Wanted!
10 The Cartographic Education of Richard Pickersgill
11 Cook’s Legacy
12 Dastardly Dalrymple’s Disparaging Dedication - A Quiz
“Wild Rocks, Thick Fogs, Everlasting Snow”
17 Log Lines
18 Rame Head - A Remarkably Overlooked Point
20 Some Points About Resolution’s Men, 1771 to 1775
21 From My Collection
22 Cooktown Visitor
23 Scorpion - Cook’s Forgotten Ship of 1771
24 A Trip To Bishop’s Cannings
25 Cook Books – Part 103
30 Henry Smock (1740-1772)
31 Sir Henry Newbolt and Captain Cook
32 Mark Beaufoy, F.R.S. (1764–1827)
34 Noble Arrowsmith (1749-1780/1)
35 Cook’s Chart of the St. Lawrence
36 Dastardly Dalrymple’s Disparaging Dedication - The Answers
37 John Law (~1750-1786)
38 New and Recent Issues
39 Seen at Auction - And on eBay
41 Chipiona Lighthouse and Captain James Cook
43 It Happened in 1770
Captain Cook Symposium Planned for Cooktown
44 Editor’s Dilemma
Captain Cook Birthplace Museum Closes
46 Missing Cook Memorial to be Replaced
47 John Whitehouse (1743-1780)


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