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October 2010

1 President's Corner
Ted Tierney summarises recent past and future branch activities
2 Commemorating the 350th anniversary of the Royal Society
Information about a new exhibition in Sydney and online.
3 Cook's Rare Scurvy Grass Found in New Zealand
How a near extinct plant used by Cook has been found growing still.
4 A Meeting with the 1770 Festival coordinator
CCS-A secretary Len Harrow meets Denise Wild, co-ordinator of the annual festival at the town of 1770.
5 Regional Meeting NSW
Report on the activities of 19 August 2010 in Sydney.
6 A CCS Member Introduces Herself
CCS-A treasurer, Jenny Elliston, describes how she found out about her gtx4 grandfather, William Wales, astronomer on Cook's Second Voyage.
7 Looking for a Christmas present
suggestions of two books.
8 Regio Patalis: Australia on the Map in 1531?
Does an old map show Australia?
9 Victoria Regional Meeting
Report on the activities of 23 September 2010 in Mount Waverley.
10 A tribute to Sir Joseph Carruthers (1857-1932)
His connections to Captain Cook's Landing Place at Kurnell and Cook's statues in London and Hawai'i.
11 Captain Cook remembered at Norfolk Island
Photographs from a recent visit to the Captain Cook monument on the island discovered by Cook in 1774.
12 Observations from the Deck
Experiences from a voyage in the Endeavour replica, 2006.


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