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October 2009

Page Article
2 President's Message
Captain Cooker Manuka Beer
3 The Life of Samuel Johannes Holland - Part 1
8 Cooktown Re-enactment 2006
9 Cook Books - Part 95
11 Captain Cook at the Edinburgh Festival, 2009
12 The Various Signatures of Captain Cook
13 A CCS Member Introduces Himself
14 George William Anderson
15 Hugh Palliser - Friend and Patron of James Cook
17 Replica Resolution Bid
18 Cook Historic Site Re-Development at Corner Brook
20 Hawaiian Bird Re-classified
21 Researching Tupaia
22 Accounts For The Year Ended 31 December 2008
Cooks' Cottage Celebrates 75 years in Melbourne
23 Endeavour Replica, 2009
24 Cooktown Re-enactment 2009
25 Cook Philately
26 Cook Museum Acquires Rare Hodges Painting
27 When William Bray Met Omai
28 Endeavour is a Solar-powered Racing Car
29 Henry Roberts Lived Where in Shoreham?
30 Captain Cook in Stitches!
31 Silver Salver Sold to Australia
Help Wanted
32 Founding of the Royal Navy Dockyard 1759-2009
34 St Peters on the Village Green, Thornaby
35 New and Recent Issues
36 Richard Wise and Wickford, Essex
39 Portrait of Admiral Sir Hugh Palliser
41 Log Lines - new members, etc.
42 Links Between Cook and Darwin - Part 1
48 The CCS in Germany, Bonn Meeting, 2009


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