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October 2009

Contents Endeavour Lines October 2009
1 President's Corner - Ted Tierney summarises recent past and future branch activities.
2 Introducing the Editor - Roz Johnston, the new editor of Endeavour Lines describes how she became interested in Captain Cook.
3 Captain Cook Society Australia 25 Years On - A reflection on the Australian Branch's first 25 years.
4 Captain Cook Old Batavia Tour - Explanation of why the 2009 trip was cancelled and the expectation of another one in 2010.
5 CCS-A General Meeting - Extracts from the reports given on 24 July by the President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Endeavour Lines Editor, the election of the office bearers, the activities by the branch at Point Hicks and Tahiti, and a presentation to Riemer Brouwer who has served the society for over twenty years.
6 Point Danger and the Captain Cook Memorial - A border line discussion.
7 NSW Regional Meeting 24 June - Report on the day's activities.
8 Cook connections - How researching family history led to some connections with Cook.
9 Victoria Regional Meeting 24 September - Report on the day's activities.
10 Endeavour Iron Ballast - How the original ballast was supplemented, was jettisoned, recovered, and where it is now.
11 Cook's Cottage 75th Anniversary - Planned events on 17 October 2009.


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