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October 2007

Page Article
2 President's Message
Solander Trail Opens in Botanic Gardens, Dunedin
3 My Endeavour Models
4 Hunterian Museum Reopening
6 A Trip Around the Pacific
13 The Emigrant Carrier Captain Cook
14 Visit to Trinity House, Kingston upon Hull
16 Captain Cook Monument, Honolulu, Hawaii
17 Quiz Answers
19 Researching the Men Who Sailed With Cook
The Old Naval Academy, Portsmouth
20 Captain George Vancouver is a Train
21 Cook's Beach, Mercury Bay
The Gores, the Portlocks and the Gilmours
26 Photos of Kurnell, an Historic and Scenic Site
28 Log Lines - new members, etc.
29 Streaming The Log
31 Captain Cook in Hanover, USA
32 Captain Cook's Floating Brewery
35 New and Recent Issues
36 From My Collection
Subscriptions To Rise
37 The Origins of Elizabeth Cook
39 Simcoe's Canvas House
40 Words and Their Place
41 James Ward - and a Modern Member of Parliament
Why Did Captain James Cook Miss Pitcairn Island?
42 Cook Books - Part 87
44 Captain Cook's Pacific Legacy - Books and Things
47 A new New Zealand wine


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