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October 2006

Page Article
2 President’s Message
CCS on the Web
3 William Wales’ Journal of His First Voyage
5 Monument Design Competition
6 Some Photos of Cook Country, England
7 Solanderföreningen - The Solander Society
8 John Simcoe - Cook’s Fourth Naval Captain
9 CCS Auction Number 18
10 A Skottowe Connection
11 For Sale and Wanted
12 Why Did Cook Join The Navy In 1755?
14 My Endeavour Models
16 Captain Cook on the Internet
18 Captain Cook Statue, Gisborne
19 "Omai" and "The death of Captain Cook" - Two 18th Century Pantomimes
21 George Jack and St Margaret’s Church, Barking
22 Cook in Gaspe, Canada
23 The Quiet Mariner - Captain John Gore
24 Easter Island History Mystery
25 Site of Cook Family Cottage at Aireyholme Found?
27 Cook’s Pacific Encounters, Canberra, 2006
27 Te Unga Mai - The Arrival
28 Mitre Tavern, Fleet Street, London
29 Log Lines - new members, etc.
30 Sir Joseph Banks Centre
31 Global Naturalists - Carl Linnaeus and his Apostles
33 Two Cook Sites Given National Heritage Status
34 Replica Resolution Bid
35 A Quiz
Turku and the Spöring Memorial
The CCS in the UK, Weekend Meeting 2006
36 Mile End Old Town Walk, 2006
New and Recent Issues
Proposed Maritime Eco-Centre at Whitby
37 Seen at Auction - And On eBay
Royal Society Archives Now Online
38 Trinity House, London
39 Cook Books - Part 83


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