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October 2005

1 President's Corner - Changes in office holders
2 CCS-A Members Meeting in Sydney - report of the meeting on 17 August
3 CCS-A Members Meeting in Melbourne - report of the meeting on 25 August
4 Cook’s Cottage Revisited - did Captain Cook ever live in the Melbourne cottage when it was at Great Ayton?
5 Shoals and Reefs and Counting Icebergs - how patience and perseverance is needed to put on
6 "On Austral Shores" - A book about the European exploration of the coast of Victoria and New South Wales
7 Imperfect Navigators - The 1966 and 1999 Australia Post stamp issues featuring navigators
8 From My Collection - a chart of "Part of the coast of New South Wales from Cape Tribulation to Endeavour Straits" and Sydney Parkinson's view of the Endeavour at Cooktown
9 The Medical Education of Wm Monkhouse of the Endeavour - How William became the surgeon on the Endeavour
8 Endeavour Questionnaire - How James Cook answered various questions about "the qualities of His Majesty's" Bark Endeavour in 1771


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I am looking for information about Elizabeth Cook
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