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October 2004

Page Article
2 President’s Message
The CCS in the UK
3 Quiz: Cook's Ships on Stamps - Part 3
4 George Vancouver Statue in King’s Lynn
5 Cook As A Commander - As His Naval Contemporaries Saw Him
12 The Vache, Chalfont St. Giles
13 James King and Clitheroe
14 Discovery and Exploration - A Response to a Response
15 An Australian Lottery
Some More Cancels - A Comment
Banks and Cook Feature at Eton College
16 Probably Unique - Not Really
Drakes Secret Voyage in the Pacific Northwest
17 Captain Cook on the Internet
19 William Hodges and The Art of Exploration
22 Lincolnshire Exhibition: A Voyage of Discovery
24 Endeavour Replica: 2003 Trip Remembered
26 Log Lines - new members, etc.
27 Cook Books - Part 76
28 Cooktown Murals For Sale
29 Wills of Captain Cook’s crew: David Samwell
30 Memories of The Transit of Venus, 2004
31 A CCS Member Introduces Himself - David Steele
Creating a Digital Florilegium of Cook’s Voyages
32 Cook’s Pocket Hammer (and other items) Sold
33 New and Recent Issues
It’s All Happening in Whitby
34 From My Collection
CCS Auction Number 16
Under The Hammer
35 225 Years Ago - what Cook's ships were up to during October to December, 1779
41 William Peckover and the Bounty
42 Query about John Webber’s Portraits of Cook
43 James Cook Windows at Cranbrook School, Sydney


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