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October 1999

1 President's message
2 Summary of Accounts for the year 1998
3 The Climb of the Ancient Mariner - Part 2
4 Captain Cook’s Second Voyage: My Odyssey
5 New and Recent Issues
6 James Cook’s Clock by L. Pasenyuk - Part 1
7 Navigation: a Historical Perspective - Part 2
8 The Endeavour Replica Project:
US West Coast Tour
Future US Visits in Trouble
Across the Pacific
Members' Reports - Victoria, Vancouver
9 The Cook Statue at Victoria, Canada
10 Cooktown: An Appreciation Of Past And Present
11 Help Wanted!
12 The Travels of a Secretary
13 From My Collection - a Mug
14 225 Years Ago - what Banks and Omai were up to during October to December, 1774
15 CCSU Auction Number 13
16 Cook Books - Part 57
17 Loglines - new members, etc.
18 Birthday Celebrations in Middlesbrough and Whitby
19 Exploring the Possible Remains of the Endeavour
20 From My Collection - a postcard
21 The Travels of a Secretary
22 A Model Endeavour
23 The Forthcoming Film "The Return of Lono"
24 Lincoln Memorial to Honour Joseph Banks
25 The CCSU in New Zealand
26 Captain Cook Monument, Hawaii
27 Head to Head: Kupe and Cook
28 Campaign to Put Cook in Trafalgar Square
29 More Questions Than Answers: Some Helpful Information
30 From My Collection - a postmark
31 Captain Cook on the Internet
32 225 Years Ago - what Cook was up to during October to December, 1774
33 Index to "Cook's Log"


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