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October 1998

1 President's message
2 The CCSU in the UK
3 The Endeavour Replica Project: US East Coast Tour
4 The Endeavour Replica Project: From Atlantic to Pacific
5 James Cook’s Illegitimate Son?
6 In the wake of Cook: Atlantic Canada
7 225 Years Ago - John Hawkesworth
8 Captain Cook: An Exaggerated Life
9 Summary of Accounts For The Year 1997
10 Captain James Cook Memorial Scholarship
11 Captain Cook’s Monument In Cleveland
12 Monument to Cook in Hawaii
13 From My Collection
14 John Gore’s "Young One"
15 A CCSU Member Introduces Himself
16 CCSU Auction Number 12
17 Hugh Palliser; Admiral And Controversialist
18 The Royal United Service Museum
19 Loglines - new members, etc.
20 Three Brothers, New South Wales
21 Captain Cook In Plymouth
22 Cook Books - Part 55 - review of recent books
23 Help wanted!
24 Lights in the Sky and the Sea
25 Good Enough To Wear
26 An Exhibition with Cook Connections - GB
27 A CCSU Member Introduces Himself
28 A Long Lost Treasure of Maori Art
29 Help Wanted!
30 New and Recent Issues
31 An Exhibition with Cook Connections - NZ
32 An Exhibition with Cook Connections - Australia
33 225 Years Ago - what Cook was up to during October to December, 1773


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