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October 1996

1 President's message
2 Subscriptions to rise - new rates from 1997
3 Good enough to wear - Details of new clothes with the CCSU logo
4 A Cook Chronology - dates from the Third Voyage
5 James Cook Jnr. (1763-1794): A legacy of mystery
  Part III: the final reckoning
6 Summary of accounts for the year 1995
7 Captain Cook and the Staithes Heritage Centre, North Yorkshire
8 Medals and coins in my collection not yet listed by Allan Klenman
9 Derick Ray - an obituary
10 It's all happening in Whitby
11 John Webber, Pacific voyager and landscape artist
  Exhibition at the Museum of Arts in Bern
  Exhibition at the Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester
12 As reported in the Sydney Morning Herald
13 Log Lines - new members, etc.
14 Wedgwood portrait medallion
15 Charles Clerke of Brooke Farm, Wetherfield, Essex
16 Captain Cook on the Internet
17 The Stockton Challenge - the Endeavour replica built in Britain
18 News from Australia - corrections to a couple of previous articles
19 Lost and found: Webber's portrait of Captain James Cook
20 The baptism of James Cook
21 William Bligh auction
22 New and recent issues
23 Cook books - part 48
24 A trip to New Zealand and Hawaii
25 The Endeavour Replica project - the Endeavour replica built in Australia
26 225 years ago - what Cook was up to during October to December, 1771
Updated: 30 November 1996


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