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November 2008

Contents Endeavour Lines November 2008
1 President's Corner - Ted Tierney summarises recent past and future branch activities.
2 NSW Regional Meeting 6 August - Report on the day's activities.
3 Bound For Botany Bay - Results of a literary competition held by Kurnell Public School.
4 Victoria Regional Meeting September 23 - Report on the day's activities.
5 Discovering Isaac - Anthony Hill describes his researches into Isaac Manley, a servant boy on Endeavour who rose to become an admiral.
6 Singing Ship of Emu Park - Description of this sculpture in steel and concrete in Queensland.
7 Point Danger Captain Cook Memorial Lighthouse- What the lighthouse looks like, how Cook described Point Danger and whether the lighthouse has moved or been misplaced.
8 Mount Waring - A description of what it looks like today.
9 Joseph Banks and Daniel Solander - Two busts at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney.
10 240 Years Ago - A letter to Lieutenant Cook dated 25 May 1768.
11 South Seas Project - The online companion to Cook's First Voyage.


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