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December 1910 saw the holding of the first meeting of a new organisation: The Society for Nautical Research.

Its first two objects were:

  1. To encourage research into nautical anitquities, into matters relating to seafaring and shipbuilding in all ages and among all nations, into the language and customs of the sea, and into other subjects of nautical interest.
  2. For this purpose to publish monthly a Journal, to be called Mariner's Mirror, such Journal to contain original articles, notes and queries, pictures and drawings, and generally to serve as a medium of inter-communication between members of the Society.

In January 1911 there appeared the first issue of Mariner's Mirror, which over the many years has contained many articles about, or mentioning, Captain Cook.
Here is a complete list.
My thanks to John Robson, who got me going, and to John Allan who greatly encouraged and helped in this enterprise.

Ian Boreham


Year Vol
Pages Author Title
1911 1 120 G. P. Answers: Pennants
    247 A. K. Notes: Naval Uniform
    349 L.G.C. L. Notes: Naval Uniform
1912 2 22-23 W. S. Notes: An Age Competition [about Endeavour]
    96 C.T.M. F. and I. M. Queries: Relics of Captain Cook
    127 B.G. C. and E. W. Queries: Relics of Captain Cook
    158 H.L. N. Queries: Relics of Captain Cook
    188 E. Du B. and T. E. Answers: Relics of Capt. Cook
1913 3 128 B.G. C. Queries: A Medal of Capt. Cook
    315-316 O. G. Answers: Relics of Captain Cook
    349 H.T.A. B. Answers: Relics of Captain James Cook
    383 F.I.A. Queries: Masters R.N.
1914 4 124 J.K. L. Answers: Masters R.N.
1920 6 252-253 G.R. Notes: Anchors - Decorative
    382 L.D.I. M. Notes: Three Watches
1921 7 74-79 Rose, J. Holland Sea Power and the Winning of British Columbia
1922 8 318   Notes: A New Captain Cook Letter
1923 9 61   Notes: Jottings From Campbell's Naval History
1924 10 289-292 B.G. C. Notes: H.M.S. Endeavour and Foreign Suspicion
1927 13 96 D.B. S. Notes: Captain Cook
    379-380 Wilson, W.F. Notes: Captain Cook
1928 14 299-300 W.G. P. Editorial Note
    301-319 Gould, Lieutenant-Commander Rupert T. Some Unpublished Accounts of Cook's Death [This Issue Is A Special Bi-Centenary Number]
    371-385 Gould, Lieutenant-Commander Rupert T. Bligh's Notes on Cook's Last Voyage
1931 17 84 F. S. Cook's Resolution
    185 Damer Powell, J.W. H.M.S. Eagle (1745)
1932 18 210-211 D.B.S. Review of Book:
"My Friend the Admiral: the Life, letters, and Journals of Rear-Admiral James Burney, F.R.S., and the Companion of Captain Cook and Friend of Charles Lamb"
    425 Dixon, William Cook's Voyages: Illustrations
1933 19 119 Damer Powell, J.W. Circumnavigators
  19 292-302 Knight, C. H.M. Bark Endeavour
1935 21 91 D.B.S. Notes: Cook's Third Voyage
    115-138 Gould, Lieutenant-Commander Rupert T. Annual Lecture For 1935: John Harrison and His Timekeepers
    208 D.B.S. Notes: Fearnought
    209 D.B.S. Answers: Pendant
    411-425 Hornell, James Construction Parallels in Scandinavian and Oceanic Boat Construction
1936 22 183-199 Knight, C. H.M. Armed Vessel Bounty [See Page 184]
    200-237 Bonner Smith, D. Some Remarks about the Mutiny of the Bounty [See Page 208]
1937 23 233 D. B. S. Cook and the Grenville
1939 25 115 Shenton, Captain J.T. Thomas Edgar
1940 26 224 H.S. Queries: Convict Labour at Deptford
1941 27 206-242 Gould, Lieut.-Commander R. T. The Charting of the South Shetlands, 1819-28
1942 28 204 Rutherford, G. Sidelights on Commodore Johnstone's Expedition to the Cape [See Page 204]
1946 32 218-237 Dilke, O.A.W. The English Literature of Exploration in the Eighteenth Century
1947 33 125 Longstaff, F.V. Ship Name Discovery
    130-131 R.T.G. Review of Book:
"The Voyage of Captain Bellingshausen To the Antarctic Seas 1819-1821"
1949 35 139-145 Holmes, R.C. Sea Fare [See Page 144]
1952 38 34-52 Craig Jr, Hardin Peter Puget: an Active and Zealous Officer [See Page 38]
    230-231 Lloyd, Christopher Captain Cook's Wife
    244 Lloyd, Christopher Review of Book:
"Captain James Cook, R.N. A Bibliographical Excursion"
1953 39 62-63 Skelton, R.A. Captain Cook's Wife
1954 40 21-32 May, Commander W.E. The Binnacle [See Page 28]
    91   The Society's Annual Lecture
    92-119 Skelton, R.A. Captain James Cook As A Hydrographer
1956 42 262-264 Crone, G.R. Review of Two Books:
"The Journals of Captain James Cook on His Voyages of Discovery. The Voyage of the Endeavour 1768-1771"
"Charts and Views Drawn By Cook and His officers and Reproduced From the Original Manuscripts"
1958 44 18-34 Sölver, C.V. and
Marcus, G.J.
Dead Reckoning and the Ocean Voyages of the Past [See Page 26]
1959 45 115-129 Forsyth, John Latouche-Tréville and His Proposal To Explore the South Coast of New Holland
1961 47 90-100 Dodge, Ernest S. The Peabody Museum of Salem, Massachusetts [See Page 96]
    232 Snell, W. Query: (1961) Enquiry Re Certain officers
1962 48 153 Warner, Oliver Review of Book:
"The Journals of Captain James Cook. Vol II. the Voyage of the Resolution and Adventure, 1772-1775"
    308-309 May, W.E. The Sons of Captain Cook
1964 50 93-114 Jack-Hinton, Colin Alexander Dalrymple and the Rediscovery of the Islands of Solomon
1966 52 145-156 Lloyd, Christopher The Royal Naval Colleges at Portsmouth and Greenwich [See Page 146]
1967 53 183-184 Speer, J.A. Cook's Endeavour
    343-356 Fry, H.T. Early British Interest in the Chagos Archipelago and the Maldive Islands
    370 Roberts, J.E. The Endeavour
1968 54 104-105 Cotter, Charles H. Review of Book:
"Captain Cook, the Seaman's Seaman"
    194-195 Brock, P.W. Cook's Endeavour and Other Ships
    428 Villiers, Alan Review of Book:
"Land From the Masthead. A Circumnavigation of New Zealand in the Wake of Captain Cook"
1969 55 365-381 Beaglehole, Professor J.C. Some Problems of Cook's Biographer
    471 May, W.E. Answers: (1969) Muster Books
1970 56 122 O.W. Review of Book:
"Captain James Cook - After Two Hundred Years"
1971 57 174 Villiers, Alan Placing of the Steering Compass
    112-114   In Memoriam: R.A. (Peter) Skelton
    443-444   News From the National Maritime Museum
1972 58 337-338 Freeston, Ewart C. His Majesty's Sloop Resolution, 1772
    357-358 Hilder, Brett Queries: (1972) Length of the Log-Line
    358 Hilder, Brett Queries: (1972) Use of Boat To Test Ocean Current
1975 61 290 Schuhmacher, W.W. Notes: Three Germans Sailed Under Captain Cook
    405 Schuhmacher, W.Wilfried Notes: Three Germans Sailed Under Captain Cook
1976 62 190-191 Dunkley, J.L. Queries: (1976) Little Known Memorial of Captain Cook
    201 Lloyd, Christopher Review of Book:
"With Captain Cook in the Antarctic and Pacific: the Journal of James Burney"
1977 63 231-232 Schuhmacher, W.Wilfried Some Danish Indiamen at the Cape of Good Hope
1978 64 36 Schuhmacher, W.W. Notes: Samuel Freezland and Freezeland Rock
    216 Hattersley-Smith, G. Notes: Samuel Freezland and Freezeland Rock
    299-300 Roberts, J.E. Notes: Distillation of Water at Sea
1979 65 1 Lloyd, Christopher and
Dolley, Brian H.
    3-22 Williams, Glyndwr Seamen and Philosopher in the South Seas in the Age of Captain Cook
    23-28 Lloyd, Christopher Cook and Scurvy
    105-108 Greenhill, Basil Captain Cook Commemoration
    109-118 McGowan, A.P. Captain Cook's Ships
    119-135 Howse, Derek The Principal Scientific instruments Taken on Captain Cook's Voyages of Exploration, 1768-1780
1980 66 77 David, A.C.F. Queries: (1970) The Art of Cook's Voyages
    285 Chowdharay-Best, G. Review of Book:
"Captain Cook's South Sea Island Vocabularies"
1981 67 102 David, A.C.F. Bligh's Notes on Cook's Last Voyage
    389-390 Lloyd, Christopher Review of Book:
"Captain Cook and His Times"
1982 68 1-2 Wallis, Helen Review of Book:
"Bougainville et ses Compagnon Author du Monde 1766-1769"
1983 69 327 Deacon, M.B. Review of Book:
"Captain Cook's Final Voyage: the Journal of Midshipman George Gilbert"
    465-467 David, Andrew C.F. Review of Book:
"The Resolution Journals of Johann Reinhold Forster 1772-1775"
1984 70 95-96 Shirley, Ann H.M.S. Endeavour and the Falklands
    299-302 Jones, Stephanie The Builders of Captain Cook's Ships
1985 71 104 Phillips, Lawrence Review of Book:
"Sydney Parkinson, Artist of Cook's Endeavour Voyage"
    241 Dolley, Brian H. Review of Three Books Published By Caliban:
"Journal of A Voyage To the South Seas in H.M.S. Endeavour"
"Captain Cook's Second Voyage: the Journals of Lieutenants Elliott and Pickersgill"
"Journal of the Central Australian Expedition, 1844-5"
1986 72 355-359 Pryce-Lewis, O. Horatio Nelson and Simon's Bay [See Page 358]
    385-410 Morris, Rear Admiral R.O. Surveying Ships of the Royal Navy from Cook to the Computer Age
1987 73 208-209 May, W.E. Surveying Ships of the Royal Navy
    215-218 David, Andrew Review of Book:
"The Bligh Notebook" [See Page 217]
    265 Cordingly, David Portrait of Captain James Cook, RN By William Hodges (1744-1797)
1988 74 401-405 Forster, Honore British Whaling Surgeons in the South Seas, 1823-1843 [See Page 409]
1989 75 105 Campbell, Eila M.J. Review of Book:
"The Charts & Coastal Views of Captain Cook's Voyages: Volume one, the Voyage of the Endeavour 1768-1771"
    276 Phillips, Lawrence Notes: Ships' Newspapers in H.M.S. Resolution and H.M.S. Discovery
1990 76 192-193 Allan, J.F. Answers (1989): A Strange Animal
1991 77 80 Phillips, Lawrence Queries (1991): Cook's Third Voyage
    420-421 Morriss, Roger Notes: The Papers of John Montagu, Fourth Earl of Sandwich (1718-92)
1992 78 332-335 Allan, John F. Notes: Ex Libris Maritimis
1993 79 44-57 Fenton, P.C. The Navigator as Natural Historian [See Pages 53-56]
    356 Allan, John F. The Cook Grant of Arms
    467 David, Andrew C.F. Queries (1993): Cook's Ensign
    488-489 Howse, Derek Review of Book: "The Charts & Coastal Views of Captain Cook's Voyages: Volume two, the Voyage of the Resolution and Adventure 1772-1775"
1994 80 418-430 Naish, John Achievements of Captain George Vancouver
1996 82 14-27 Williams, Glyn 'To Make Discoveries of Countries Hitherto Unknown'. The Admiralty and Pacific Exploration in the Eighteenth Century
    346 David, Andrew, C.F. Notes: Thomas Edgar (1745?-1801)
1997   475-476 Ward, Robin Queries (1997): Water Purification at Sea
    488-489 Williams, Glyndwr Review of Book:
"An Account of the Discoveries Made in the South Pacifick Ocean, Previous to 1764"
1998 83 94-95 Cock, Randolph Answers (1997): Water Purification at Sea
    111-112 Walker, Fred M. Review of Book:
"Captain Cook's Endeavour"
    400-417 Howse, Derek Britain's Board of Longitude: the Finances, 1714-1828 [various pages]
1999 84 30-52 Cock, Randolph Precursors of Cook: the Voyages of the Dolphin, 1764-8
  85 335 David, Andrew C.F. Documents:
Captain Cook's Passing Certificate
    411-420 Syrett, David Admiral Rodney, Patronage, and the Leeward Island Squadron, 1780-2 [See Page 415]
    487-488 Allan, John F. Review of Two Books Published By Stepney Historical Trust:
"Captain James Cook Endeavours"
"From Whitby to Wapping: the story of the early years of Captain James Cook"
2000 86 401-411 Darby, Madge Bligh's Disciple: Matthew Flinder's journals of HMS Providence (1791-3)
2001 87 106-108 Frost, Alan Review of Book:
"The Journals of Captain James Cook on His Voyages of Discovery. Vol I. The Voyage of the Endeavour, 1768-1771"
    297-302 Hooker, Brian James Cook's Secret Search in 1769
    357-358 Laracy, Hugh Review of Two Books:
"Endeavour: The story of Captain Cook's first great epic voyage"
"Discovery: the quest for the Great South Land"
    482 Ward, G.W. Queries: William Perry (1747-?)
2002 88 236 Cock, Randolph Review of Book:
"Captain Cook's World: Maps of the Life and Voyages of James Cook RN"
    476-477 Crimmin, P.K. Queries: Osbridge's Machine
2003 89 17-30 Dickinson, H.W. The Portsmouth Naval Academy, 1733-1806
    224-225 Conway, T.M. Answers: Osbridge's Machine
    260-271 Cassels, Sir Simon Where did Drake careen the Golden Hind in June/July 1579? A mariner's assessment [See Pages 261-3]
2004 90 85-92 Allan, J.F. Notes: Thomas Luny and Cook's Resolution
    260-272 Bowden-Dan, Jane Diet, dirt and discipline: Medical developments in Nelson's Navy. Dr John Snipe's contribution [See Pages 262-3]
    475 Sandford, Brian and Allan, John Answers: Lighting on eighteenth-century ships
2005 91 496-497 Cock, Randolph Review of Book:
"The Captain Cook Encyclopaedia"
2006 92 117-118 Cock, Randolph Review of Book:
"Captain Cook: Explorations and Reassessments"
    477-481 Scott, Frank Notes: Speed, navigational accuracy and the 'ship log'
    499 Shannon, David Answers: James Colnett of the Royal Navy
2008 92 160-175 Vale, Brian The Conquest of Scurvy in the Royal Navy: a challenge to current orthodoxy see page 164 and page 173 note 6
    241-243 Laracy, Hugh Review of Book:
"A Life of JC Beaglehole: New Zealand scholar"
  94 483-484 Laracy, Hugh Review of Book:
"Captain Cook: voyager between worlds"

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