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July 2011

Contents Cook's Log July 2011
Page Article
2 President's Message
3 A Surprise Birthday Party Guest
CCS Auction Number 23
4 Accounts For The Year Ended 31 December 2010
Help Appreciated!
5 Once Around the World - Questions
6 The Hunt for Hildebrand Bowman - Part 4
9 Thomas Whitton Andrews (?-1813)
10 Cook Monument Restored at Point Venus
13 An Unknown Handstamp
14 The Early Life of John Elliott
15 Sir George Elliot - a Man of Vision
16 Captain Cook Statue at St. Kilda
17 Help Wanted!
18 Seen at Auction - And on eBay
20 Cook's Final Voyage - Books and Things
25 Endeavour's Future Home in California
26 World Record Price for Tapa Book
27 Joint Meeting with the Pitcairn Island Study Group
28 Captain Cook's Yorkshire Place-name
29 William Charlton (~1758-1810)
30 Now in New Zealand: Cook's Cloak
31 Two Botany Bays
32 A Trip to Hawai'i in 2006
36 Robert Mackie (1754-1789)
37 William Lanyon (1745-1818)
Log Lines - new members, etc.
38 New and Recent Issues
39 Captain Cook's Ghost Ship
40 Cook Books - Part 102
46 From My Collection
47 The Yuquot People and Cannibalism
Once Around the World - Answers
48 Endeavour Tree, Cooktown
The CCS in Australia - Endeavour Lines


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