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July 2010

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2 President's Message
Log Lines - new members, etc.
3 Dogs and the Sea
7 Portrait of the Forsters in Canberra
8 Artefacts Possibly from James Cook's Voyages
9 CCS Auction Number 22
Mapping the Pacific Coast Exhibition at San Diego
10 A Modern Historic Pacific Voyage
11 Obituary - Chris Neumann
12 Obituary - Neil Evenett
Obituary - Richard P. Aulie
13 Cook's Voyage up the Queensland Coast
16 Bound for Botany Bay
20 The Curious Woolwich Wager
21 Pitcairn Islands Study Group Meeting, May 2010
22 Cook is Used to Celebrate 300 Years of Insurance
23 A 175 Year Old Mystery is Solved!
24 From My Collection
24 James Cook in Bonn
25 Knocking Penguins on the Head at Kerguelen
26 Is the Poa cookii Plant Named After Captain Cook?
28 The CCS in Australia - Endeavour Lines
Captain Cook on the Internet
29 Anecdotes of Omai and Banks
30 Seen at Auction - And on eBay
32 Wanted and For Sale
33 Bustard Bay, Queensland, Australia
Return to London of Resolution and Discovery
34 New and Recent Issues
35 "The Captain" - An Art Exhibition at Tauranga
36 Cape Palliser, New Zealand
Elizabeth Cook and South London
37 Cooktown Revisited
39 Help Wanted!
Cook Books - Part 98
45 Canadian Re-enactment of Cook's Surveying
A CCS Member Introduces Herself
46 A Yorkshire Celebration of a Landing in Australia
47 James Cook and the Exploration of the Pacific


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