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July 2008

Page Article
2 President's Message
The CCS in Australia, Endeavour Lines
3 Louisbourg 1758: Cook meets Samuel Holland
10 James Cook, Francis Holman & William Christopher
11 Point Venus Revisited
12 Tracing My Link to Captain James Cook
13 Sydney Parkinson in Stitches!
14 New and Recent Issues
15 CCS Member Introduces Himself
National Maritime Museum's New Wing, Greenwich
16 Ashley Bowen Knew James Cook
18 Another "New" Cook Letter
19 James Cook Pub &Cafe in Russia
20 A Weekend in Cook Country
22 James Ward
24 A Tale of Two Tapas
25 Log Lines - new members, etc.
26 Captain Cook Sculpture for Corner Brook
27 Who Was the Other Captain Cook?
28 The Royal Society's Captain Cook medal - Part 1
29 Captain Cook's Tortoise
30 James Cook's Last Resting Place in the UK
31 Cooktown Grassy Hill Puzzle
32 Seen at Auction - And on eBay
33 Bark Endeavour - A model and its history
37 Researching the Men Who Sailed With Cook
41 Help Wanted
42 Seen in the Australian National Maritime Museum
The Story of Cook's Anchor
Captain Cook's Extraordinary Atlas
43 CCS Auction Number 20
From My Collection
Help Wanted - "Clearing His Throat"
44 The Heraldry of Cook's Voyages - Part 1
45 The Development of the Northern Country Cat Ship
46 Endeavour Shuttle Mission 2008
47 Cook Books - Part 90


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