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July 2007

Page Article
2 President's Message
CCS Auction Number 19
3 James Cook in Solebay, July to September 1757
4 A Quiz
5 Fluyts and Katts
9 Mystery Solved?
10 Summary of Accounts for the Year 2006
An Opportunity to Visit Trinity House, Hull
11 Isaac Manley
14 Britannia - A New Coach For The Queen
15 Chelsea Flower Show, London 2007
16 My "bar": Captain James Cook
17 Replica Resolution Bid
New Constitution for the Society
18 Seen at Auction - And on eBay
20 What Did Captain Cook Endorse?
21 Log Lines - new members, etc.
CCS Auction Number 19
22 Red Bay, Labrador
23 Cook's Spring Water
24 First Meeting of German CCS Members
25 Seen in Christchurch
26 From My Collection
27 Kamchatka Comes To Whitby
28 A Spring Clean for Cook's House
29 The Captain Cook Plaque at Mile End Road, London
30 Ship Cove Historic Reserve / Meretoto
33 Celebrating Ship Cove - A DVD
A new New Zealand wine
34 Young Nick's Statue, Gisborne
35 Cook Books - Part 86
40 New and Recent Issues
41 James Cook and the Skottowe Family
42 Global Naturalists - Carl Linnaeus and Sparrman
43 Seen in Tasmania
44 Why did Captain James Cook miss Pitcairn Island?
47 A Cook Chronology - An Update Required
48 A Family Story about a War Club
49 Royal Research Ship James Cook is Named
50 Thomas Edgar, of Lydd
Christmas Island Local Stamps
51 Bradford Wool Exchange


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