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July 2004

Page Article
2 President's message
CCS in the UK
3 Quiz: Cook's Ships on Stamps - Part 2
4 King Kamehameha's Arrow
5 Creating a Digital Floriligium of Cook's Voyages
7 Great Britain in Hawaii: The Captain Cook Monument
9 Book of Cloth Being Auctioned
10 Some Aspects Of Cooks Ships Companies
14 Log Lines - new members, etc.
15 Discovery and Exploration - A Response
16 Discovery and Exploration - Scurvy
17 Who was first to Australia?
18 Summary of Accounts for the Year 2003
19 Richard & Michael Littleboy - Watermen
21 What Is Known About Samuel Freezland?
23 "…presents towards obtaining their friendship"
24 Kurnell Takes First Step to World Heritage Status
25 Transits of Venus: 1769 and 2004
28 A Portrait of Cook
29 Captain Cook on the Internet
32 Prince Edward Island
34 New and Recent Issues
34 CCS Auction Number 16
Help Wanted !
35 Cook Books – Part 75
36 Too Many Cooks?
37 Botany Bay To Be Redeveloped
38 Captain Clerke's Monument, Kamchatka
39 Model of Sanderson's Shop
From My Collection
40 New Cook Statue for Marton
41 In the Wake of Cook - At the Azores
42 Cook's Pocket Hammer For Sale
CCS Member Introduces Himself
43 Commodore Wilson's Archives
44 Eton College
45 225 Years Ago - what Cook's ships were up to during July to September, 1779
52 For Sale and Wanted
Annular Solar Eclipse of 5th August 1766


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