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July 2002

1 President's message
2 Captain Cook Conference, Middlesbrough, UK
3 The CCS in the UK, September Meeting, 2002
4 The CCS in Australia
5 Polish Philatelic Exhibition for 230th Anniversary
6 The Monkhouse Family and Captain Cook
7 CCS Auction Number 14
8 Log Lines - new members, etc.
9 The Loo Fort, Funchal, Madeira
10 Cook’s Ships - A Summary Update
11 Sale of Cook’s Childhood Home
12 Cook Books – Part 67
13 The Crew of Cook's Three Voyages
14 A CCS Member Introduces Himself - Ken England
15 Three Cook Medals
16 Captain Cooker Manuka Beer
17 Re-Opening of the Captain Cook Memorial Museum
18 The Watch That Time Forgot !
19 Campaign to Raise Funds to Purchase Painting
20 The Watch That Time Forgot !
21 The Hat on A Woman of Nootka Sound
22 Cook’s Log Wins Awards
23 A CCS Member Introduces Herself - Bev Medlin
24 James Cook Commemorative Voyage – Halifax
25 Premier Philately Lot 195
26 Help Wanted! James Burney
27 Help Given: James Fenimore Cooper’s Carved Box
28 Endeavour Replica Project
Around Cape Horn
Up the Atlantic
UK Tour
29 New and Recent Issues
30 Exhibitions at Captain Cook Birthplace Museum
31 Captain Cook Tourism Association Celebrates
32 Help Wanted! The Scilly Isles
33 Captain Cook on Display
34 225 Years Ago - what Cook was up to during July to September, 1777
35 A CCS Member Introduces Himself - Rod Fennell


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