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Journal of the Society for the Bibliography of Natural History

Year Issue Pages Author Title
1950 Oct., vol. 2, pt. 6 190-193 Sawyer, F.C. Some Natural History Drawings Made During Captain Cook's First Voyage Round the World
1962 Vol. 4, no. 1 30-34 Dance, S.P. The Authorship of the Portland Catalogue (1786)
1962 Vol. 4, no. 1 57-62 Groves, E.W. Notes on the Botanical Specimens Collected By Banks and Solander on Cook's First Voyage, Together With An Itinerary of Landing Localities
1966 Feb., vol. 4, pt. 5 267-268 Palmer, G. Duplication of Folio Numbers Depicting Fishes in Parkinson's Unpublished Drawings of Animals From Cook's First Voyage, 1768-1771
1967 Vol. 4 284-286 Dawson, W.R. The Rise and Progress of Conchology
1969 Vol. 5, no. 3 161-201 and plates Whitehead, P.J.P. Zoological Specimens From Captain Cook's Voyages
1970 Vol. 5 329-331 Lysaght, A.M. Review of Rauschenberg, R.A., 1968, "Daniel Carl Solander Naturalist on the Endeavour"
1971 Vol. 6, no. 1 1-8 Hoare, M. E. Johann Reinhold Forster (1729-98): Problems and Sources of Biography
1976 Vol. 7 375-383 Hoare, Michael E. Ulysses Or incubus? J.R. Forster's First Period in England, 1766-1772
1976 Vol. 7 385-407 Edwards, P.I. Robert Brown (1773-1858) and the Natural History of Matthew Flinder's Voyage in H.M.S. Investigator, 1800-03
1979 Vol. 9, no. 3 315-351 Medway, David G. Some Ornithological Results of Cook's Third Voyage
1979 Vol. 9, no. 4 403-412 Brock, C.H. Dr William Hunter's Museum, Glasgow University

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