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Year Issue Pages Author Title
1930 Dec., vol. 39, no. 156 388-389 and plates   Cook Relics
1939 Mar., vol. 48, no. 1 30-31 Carrington, A.H. A Note By Captain James Cook on the Tahiti Creation Myth
1949 Mar., vol. 58, no. 1 1-18 Freeman, J.D. The Polynesian Collection of Trinity College, Dublin; and the National Museum of Ireland
1958 Vol. 67 181-203 Milligan, R.R.D. Ranginui, Captive Chief of Doubtless Bay, 1769
1960 Vol. 69, no. 3 215-227 Haudricourt, A.G. and
Hollyman, K.J.
The New Caledonian Vocabularies of Cook and the Forsters (Balad, 1774)
1961 Vol. 70, no. 4 471-473 White, J. Peter Tupaia's Voyages: A Note on the MSS
1963 Vol. 72 415-419 Gunson, Neil A Note on the Difficulties of Ethnohistorical Writing, with Special Reference to Tahiti
1969 Vol. 78 178-211 Coutts, P.J.F. The Maori of Dusky Sound: A Review of the Historical Sources
1970 Vol. 79, no. 2 180-200 Douglas, Bronwen A Contact History of the Balad People of New Caledonia 1774-1845
1970 Vol. 79, pt. 3 305-348 Shawcross, Wilfred The Cambridge University Collection of Maori Artefacts, Made on Captain Cook's First Voyage
1983 Vol. 92 93-98 Kaeppler, Adrienne L. A Further Note on the Cook Voyage Collection in Leningrad
1983 Vol. 92 531-536 Jones, Kevin Jospeh Banks' 'Fence of Poles' at Cook's Cove, East Coast, North Island, New Zealand
1983 Vol. 92, no. 4 554-559 Geraghty, Paul Review of Book: "Captain Cook's South Sea Island Vocabularies" by Peter A. Lanyon-Orgill
1984 Vol. 93, no. 3 315-320 Jones, Kevin A 1761 George III Medalet From the East Coast, North Island, New Zealand: Relic of Cook's First Voyage?
1987 Vol. 96, no. 2 243-249 Kaeppler, Adrienne L. Concerning A Maori Shell Trumpet From Cook's Second Voyage and Some Implications
1987 Vol. 96, no. 3 369-371 Simmons, David Response To Adrienne L. Kaeppler Regarding A Maori Shell Trumpet
1987 Vol. 96, no. 4 497-498 Kaeppler, Adrienne L. Response to David Simmons
1988 Vol. 97 391-408 Bergendorf, Steen and
Hasager, Ulla and
Henriques, Peter
Mythopraxis and History: on the Interpretation of the Makahiki
1989 Vol. 98, no. 1 49-75 Jones, K.L. 'In Much Greater Affluence': Productivity and welfare in Maori Gardening at Anaura Bay, October 1769
1989 Dec., vol. 98, no. 4 371-423 Sahlins, Marshall Captain Cook in Hawaii
1993   7-38 Richards, Rhys Rongotute, Stivers And "Other Visitors" To New Zealand "Before Captain Cook"
1993 Vol. 102, no. 3 327-328 Linnekin, Jocelyn Review of Book: "The Apotheosis of Captain Cook: European Mythmaking in the Pacific"
1994 Vol. 103, no. 3 324-325 Ryan, T. Review of "The Charts and Coastal Views of Captain Cook's Voyages: Volume II, the Voyage of the Resolution and Adventure, 1772-1775"

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