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Year Issue Pages Author Title
1967 Vol. 2 215-224 Hoare, Michael E. Johann Reinhold Forster: the Neglected "Philosopher" of Cook's Second Voyage (1772-1775)
1968 Vol. 3 21-23 Daws, Gavan Kealakekua Bay Re-Visited: A Note on the Death of Captain Cook
1969 Vol. 4 162-165 Langdon, Robert A View on Ari'i Taimai's Memoirs
1972 Vol. 7 45-72 Pearson, W.H. Hawkesworth's Alterations
1972 Vol. 7 151-153 Davidson, J.W. The New Zealand Scholar: A Note on J.C. Beaglehole, 1901-1971
1972 Vol. 7 171-173 Hoare, Michael E. The Forster Manuscripts in Berlin
1972 Vol. 7 195-200 Kaeppler, Adrienne L. The Use of Documents in Identifying Ethnographic Specimens From the Voyages of Captain Cook
1975 Vol. 10, no. 1 38-45 Smith, H.M. The introduction of Venereal Disease into Tahiti: A Re-Examination
1976 Vol. 11, no. 3/4 247-252 Spate, O.H.K. Finis Coronat Opus: Beaglehole's Life of Cook
1977 Vol. 12 205-211 Spate, O.H.K. From "South Sea" to "Pacific Ocean"
1980 Oct., vol. 15, no. 3-4 225-232 Langdon, Robert The European Ships of Tupaia's Chart: An Essay in Identification
1984 Vol. 19, no. 1 117-120 Spate, O.H.K. Splicing the Log at Kealekekua Bay
1984 Vol. 19 239-247 Langdon, Robert Of Time, Prophecy and the European Ships of Tupaia's Chart
1985 Oct., vol. 20, no. 4 191-201 Friedman, Jonathan Cook, Culture and the World System
1986 Vol. 21, no. 1 39-55 Herdendorf, Charles E. Captain James Cook and the Transits of Mercury and Venus
1994 Vol. 29, no. 1 120-121 Laracy, H. Review of "The Charts and Coastal Views of Captain Cook's Voyages: Volume II, the Voyage of the Resolution and Adventure, 1772-1775"
1994 Vol. 29, no. 2 242 Howe, K.R. Review of Bernard Smith's "Imagining the Pacific; in the Wake of the Cook Voyages"
1998 Vol. ?, no. ? ? Howe, K.R. Review of Review of Anne Salmond’s “Two Worlds: Early Exchanges Between Maori and Europeans 1773-1815”
1999 Vol. ?, no. ? ? Wehner, Monica Review of Rod Edmond’s “Representing the South Pacific: Colonial discourse from Cook to Gaugin”
1999 Vol. ?, no. ? ? Filihia, Meredith Rituals of Sacrifice in Early Post-European Contact Tonga and Tahiti
2000 Vol. ?, no. ? ? Terry, Martin Review of Andrew David’s “The Charts and coastal Views of Captain cook’s voyages, Volume Three: The voyage of the Resolution and Discovery 1776-1780”
2002 Vol. 37, no. 2 157-185 Ryan, Tom 'Le Pre´sident des Terres Australes': Charles de Brosses and the French Enlightenment Beginnings of Oceanic Anthropology

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