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January 2017

Page Article title
2 President’s Message
3 The Captain Cook Monument at Manby Hall
5 Captain Cook’s Missing Dividers
6 Honouring Charlbury’s Favourite Son
8 Grenville and Eclipse Island, Newfoundland
9 Cook Books – Part 122
12 Cook’s Childhood Home at Great Ayton
15 Obituary – Peter White
John Rowe (~1746-1773)
16 Another Report of Cook’s Death
17 Alexander Dewar (1748-1792)
18 “An Agitated & Tempestuous Sea” - Part 1
23 The Future of the Captain Cook Birthplace Museum
24 The CCS in the UK, Weekend Meeting 2016
26 William Hawkey
27 Benjamin Drawwater
28 Adventures with James Cook in Newfoundland
30 Death of Anthony Stones, Cook Sculptor
31 Captain Cook’s New Zealand Chickens
32 Did James Cook meet Benjamin Franklin?
Victoria’s Other Captain James Cook
34 Log Lines
35 Tapu and Divinity and their Depiction
36 Captain Cook 250th Anniversary News
37 Richard Rollett (1750-1824)
38 250 Years Ago
39 The Mystery of the Missing Plaque
40 New and Recent Issues
41 The CCS in Australia – Endeavour Lines
CCS Auction Number 28
For Sale and Wanted
42 Captain Cook Statues
43 Obituary – Richard Baker
Transcribing the Joseph Banks Collection
44 David Nelson (?-1789)
46 Tours of Trinity House, Hull, in 2017
47 Pitt Rivers Museum Cook Display


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