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January 2010

Page Article
2 President's Message
The CCS in Australia - Endeavour Lines
3 Heinrich Zimmermann of Wiesloch
9 Links Between Cook and Darwin - Part 2
14 The CCS in Australia - Changes in Officers
15 Portrait of the Forsters Arrives in Canberra
16 Climate Change, Captain Cook and CORRAL
17 Revised Prices for Society Items
18 A Tale of Two Portraits
20 New and Recent Issues
22 Captain Cook's Executors: Thomas Dyall
Log Lines - new members, etc.
23 Cooks' Cottage Celebrates 75 years in Melbourne
24 "The Captain" - An Art Exhibition at Tauranga
25 Did Joseph Crabtree Sail in Endeavour?
Cook Philately
26 Captain Cook Birthday Celebrations, Yorkshire
A CCS Member Introduces Himself
27 Pitcairn Islands Study Group Meeting, May 2010
28 The CCS in the UK, Weekend Meeting 2009
31 The CCS in Germany, Bonn Meeting, 2009
36 James Cook, Sailing Master in Halifax, Nova Scotia
41 Endeavour Replica, 2010
42 Cook's Landing, St Alban's, Newfoundland
44 Listening to Maori Musical Instruments
45 Cook Books - Part 96
48 Counting Icebergs
The Captain Cooker
CCS Auction Number 21
Endeavour is a Solar-powered Racing Car


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