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January 2009

Page Article
2 President's Message
New and Recent Issues
3 The Smiths of Mile End and Australia
7 Captain Cook Filming - TV Documentary Awards
8 Searching For Traces of Captain Cook in London
10 Seen at Auction - And on eBay
13 Kerguelen: Captain Cook's "Island of Desolation"
24 The Hawkesworth Copy
Joseph Banks's Silver in Lincoln
25 James Cook and the Exploration of the Pacific
26 Log Lines - new members, etc.
27 CCS Member Introduces Himself
28 Captain Cook Pullman
29 CCS Auction Number 20
Summary of Accounts for the Year 2007
30 A Cook's Tour of Tonga
32 The Mouldens
34 Bligh's Writing Analysed
35 The CCS in the USA, Hawaii Meeting, 2009
36 A Few Strokes of White Paint to Put It Right
37 Cook Books - Part 92
40 Louisbourg 1758: Cook meets Samuel Holland
41 When and Where was Georg Forster Born?
42 Cook Portrait in New Surroundings
43 Captain Cook Study Day, Cambridge
44 Endeavour For Sale
45 Changing Perspectives on Captain Cook
46 CCS in the UK - October 2008
48 The CCS in Germany, Bonn Meeting, 2009


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