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January 2008

Page Article
2 President's Message
Explorers: Captain Cook
3 Gravestone to Richard Rollett at Gainsborough
4 Captain Cooke Killed in Tahiti!
5 Banks Peninsula or Island?
6 Were William Christopher and James Cook friends?
12 Canadian Re-enactment of Cook's Surveying
13 A Dusky Sound Experience
16 Discovering The Forsters
22 Cooktown Grassy Hill Puzzle
Who Said That?
23 Log Lines - new members, etc.
24 Food On Board Navy Ships
25 The CCS in the UK - 12 to 14 October 2007
28 Help Wanted!
29 Possible Origins of the Name Vancouver
30 Birthday Celebrations in Great Ayton
31 Life Membership for Brian Sandford
Stolen Captain Cook Plaque Back in Place
32 Researching Charles Green After Kippis
35 Captain Cook's Landing 25km Trail Run/Walk
Cairns Statue Moving?
36 Searching for William Hollamby of the Discovery
37 CCS Auction Number 19
38 Cook's Voyages and Switzerland
40 He Said That!
The CCS in New Zealand
41 The Boy from Christ's Hospital School
42 Ship Cove Historic Reserve / Meretoto Wins Award
43 Researching the Men Who Sailed With Cook
44 New and Recent Issues
Cook Books - Part 88
46 Captain Cook Filming - TV Documentary Aired


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