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January 2006

Page Article
2 President’s Message
Puzzle Picture - The Questions
3 William Wales’ Journal of His First Voyage - Part 1
5 Help Wanted - Endeavour’s Top Speed
6 Endeavour Replica: Covering the Experience
Stamps Related to Captain James Cook
7 Stories of the Voyages
10 Seen At Auction - And On eBay
12 Eton Revisited
13 CCS on the Web
14 An Essex Memorial
15 A CCS Member Introduces Himself - Barry Floyd
18 From My Collection
19 Searching for William Hollamby of the Discovery
21 Francis Masson Commemorated in Aberdeen
22 State of Cook Monument at The Vache
23 Log Lines - new members, etc.
24 From My Collection
25 Cook’s World Planned for Whitby
New and Recent Issues
Canadian Re-enactment of Cook’s Surveying
26 Help Wanted
CCS Auction Number 17
Cook Books - Part 80
31 Cook’s Autograph on a Certificate of Discharge
32 James Cook is a Train
33 The Wills of Captain Cook’s Crew: Samuel Gibson
34 The CCS in the UK
37 Wanted and For Sale
38 Start ‘em Young!
39 Cook's Charts Moving From Taunton To Kew
40 CCS-A Meetings in New South Wales and Victoria
41 An Orkney Wedding or Two!
42 Museum Secures Its First Ever International Loan
43 "Cook’s Sites" Exhibition Moves to Canberra
44 Captain Cook Memorial Museum, Whitby
45 James Cook in the Navy, 1755
48 CCS Tie and Badge
49 A Visit to Botany Bay, 3 July 2005
50 Puzzle Picture - The Answers


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