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January 2005

Page Article
2 President’s Message
Possible Visit to Newfoundland
3 Quiz: Cook’s Ships on Stamps - Part 4
4 Our 25th Anniversary
The CCS in Australia
The Crew of the Grenville
5 Cook and His Supernumeraries
10 CCS Auction Number 16
11 New and Recent Issues
12 Log Lines - new members, etc.
14 Endeavour Replica: Leaving Europe
16 A Letter by David Samwell
17 Visit to the UK Hydrographic Office, Taunton
18 Captain Cook - An Early Canadian
19 Madeira Revisited
26 New Cook Statue for Marton
27 A CCS Member Introduces Herself
28 Wills of Captain Cook’s Crew: James Colnett
29 The Cooktown Re-enactments
30 Charles Clerke - My Namesake
31 Captain Cook is Commemorated At Kurnell, James Cook’s First Australian Landfall
34 Cook Books - Part 76
39 Arthur Kempe For Sale
40 The CCS in the UK
42 Cook’s Officers at The Battle of Copenhagen
43 225 Years Ago, in London
44 Memorial To Linnaeus In Sweden
William Hodges and The Art of Exploration
45 James King and Clitheroe
Quest and Conquest: A New Exhibition
46 Maritime Discovery and Exploration in Oxford
47 A Gift for CCS Members
Captain Cook on the Internet
48 225 Years Ago, in South East Asia
50 Obituary - Rex Greenwood


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