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January 2000

1 President's message
2 Cook Books - Part 58 - review of recent books
3 James Cook’s Clock by L. Pasenyuk - Part 2
4 Molesworth Phillips - Avenger
5 Endeavour Replica Project:
US West Coast Tour
Across the Pacific
Around New Zealand
6 Members’ Reports:
Washington State
Victoria, British Columbia
7 The Penguin Classic Journals of Captain Cook
8 Log Lines - new members, etc.
9 CCSU Auction Number 13
10 New and Recent Issues
11 225 Years Ago - what Omai was up to during January to March, 1775
12 Pacific Images - Views from Captain Cook’s Third Voyage
13 From My Collection
14 Observations no better than Cook’s
15 Help Wanted!
16 The Captain Cook Brewery
17 A Question of Printing
18 The Diary of Ralph Jackson (1736-1790)
Part 5: Richard Pickersgill (1749-1779)
19 Endeavour Replica’s Coasting Anchor
20 A CCSU Member Introduces Himself
21 The CCSU in Australia
22 James Cook Hotel, Wellington, New Zealand
23 Reprinting Captain Cook
24 The Kerguelen Island Seamen’s Bottles
25 Captain Cook Birthday Celebrations
26 Carter Observatory Plaque to Endeavour
27 Charles Green Astronomer (1735-1771)
28 Help Given! Royal Doulton
29 The Forthcoming Film "The Blissful Islands"
30 Did Cook’s Ships Have Figureheads?
31 Index to Cook’s Log
32 Captain Cook on the Internet
33 225 Years Ago - what Cook was up to during January to March, 1775
34 President’s Message


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