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Many plans are being drawn up around the world to commemorate Cook’s voyages of Pacific exploration, and his encounters with the indigenous peoples he encountered.

Click on the name of the country for further information about what is being planned in Australia, New Zealand Tahiti and the United Kingdom.

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Kamay, Botany Bay

A redevelopment of the Kamay Botany Bay National Park has been proposed..

The Australian National Maritime Museum (ANMM) and Sydney Heritage Fleet are working with the NSW State Government to create a new Maritime Heritage Precinct along the ANMM’s Darling Harbour waterfront.  The aim is to bring together the vessels of both museums and thereby create one of the largest presentations in the world of operational historic vessels.  This major project involves construction of new wharves and associa­ted infrastructure.  The aim is to have the new Precinct operational for the 2020 celebrations.

Australis 2020 is the name for a major International Garden Expo to be staged in Sydney at the Olympic Park.  The event is being staged to commemorate the finding by Joseph Banks and Daniel Solander of Australian flora in 1770 in Endeavour.  For more information visit http://australis2020.com

Cooktown, Queensland
In 2020 a special festival will be running from 17 July to 4 August, reflecting the time that Cook spent ashore there in 1770.  Planning continues.  Visit www.cooktown2020.com

Childers, Queensland
On 22 August, 1970, the Captain Cook Cairn was erected by the citizens of the Isis District to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Cook’s arrival.  The Cairn, which is situated in Millennium Park, Childers, houses a time capsule that is scheduled to be opened in 2020.

New Zealand

Four trusts have been established to fund and promote commemorative events in those areas visited by Endeavour.  The trusts have their own websites (see below), which are worth exploring, as their details of those events commemorating Captain Cook are not always immediately apparent.

Tuia-250 was established as an umbrella organisation with an overview of national and regional commemorative activities, to ensure a coordinated programme.  Its website at www.tuia250.nz shows the wide range of the participating organisations, both at a national and a community level. 

The Endeavour replica, which is based in Sydney, will be visiting New Zealand, and will call at the main sites of Cook’s visit to coincide with local events.  In addition she will make courtesy visits to Auckland and Wellington.  

Te Ha 1769 Sestercentennial Trust
The country’s main commemorative events take place in and around Gisborne (Tiarawhiti), where Cook first came ashore in October 1769.  Events are being coordinated by the Te Hā 1769 Sestercentennial Trust which has a website with lots of details of events at www.teha2019.co.nz

Mercury 250 Anniversary Trust
Endeavour replica will be anchored in Mercury Bay, 18-22 October.  A flotilla of cultural and heritage vessels will arrive in the Bay in late October, and be greeted by a traditional Māori welcome with a powhiri and hangi.  Use the website at www.mercury250.org to find the many activities taking place in and around Whitianga during 2019.

Te Au Marie 1769 Sestercentennial Trust
In November the focus for the commemorative events is the Bay of Islands, and the Endeavour replica will sail up the coast to this location.  Events here are being coordinated by the Te Au Mārie 1769 Sestercentennial Charitable Trust, which has a website at http://teaumarie1769.org.nz

Totaranui 250 Trust
The Totaranui 250 Trust is coordinating events in this area, where Cook anchored on all three of his voyages.  Its website is www.totaranui250.co.nz
In November the Tuia 250 flotilla of historic vessels will arrive at Marlborough.  Commemorations at Meretoto/Ship Cove will take place from Thursday 21 November.
Thu 21 November – Meretoto/Ship Cove. Pōhiri with invited guests only
Fri 22 November – Waitohi/Picton. Community welcome. Rest day for crew
Sat 23 November – Waitohi/Picton. Open day for the public to visit and learn more about the vessels. Free public event in the evening featuring lights and music.
Sun 24 November - Waitohi/Picton. Open day for the public to visit and learn more about the vessels.
Mon 25 November - Waitohi/Picton. School visits. Limited public access to vessels.


13 April, 2019

From 9am to 4pm, there will be several cultural activities, such as the traditional tattoo, tapa making, javelin throwing and peeling coconuts.
In the evening, from 5:30 pm to 10 pm, a traditional dinner show will take place on the beach of Point Venus.

17 April, 2019

The House of Culture-Te Fare Tauhiti Nui hosts a lecture by historian Corinne Raybaud, Wednesday, April 17 at 6:30 pm at the Petit Theater
Corinne Raybaud is the author of the book "James Cook, Joseph Banks and Tupaia, 250 years ago in Tahiti" published by Mémoire du Pacifique.

United Kingdom

Many events took place during 2018, the 250th anniversaty of Captain Cook sailing from Plymouth in Endeavour on his FirstVoyage to the Pacific.

11 May, 2019, Captain Cook Birthplace Museum, Marton

A talk by Phil Philo called "Venus, Paradise & the Society Islands: Cook's First Voyage, April to August, 1769".
From 11:00 am until 12:30 pm.
£3 per person, including light refreshments.
For more information visit https://allevents.in/middlesbrough/cooks-first-voyage-venus-paradise-and-the-society-islands/200017263920639

2 June, 2019, Captain Cook Birthplace Museum, Marton

A talk by John McCue called "The Transit of Venus Explained", in which he explains the phenomenon that Cook documented in Tahiti 250 years ago.
From 11:00 am until 12:30 pm.
£3 per person, including light refreshments.
For more information visit https://allevents.in/middlesbrough/2019-06-02

6 October, 2019, Captain Cook Birthplace Museum, Marton

A talk by Phil Philo called "In the Land of the Long White Cloud".  A look at Cook's circumnavigation and charting of New Zealand
From 11:00 am until 12:30 pm.
£3 per person, including light refreshments.
For more information visit https://allevents.in/middlesbrough/2019-10-06


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Just a short note HM Bark Endeavour will be in NZ Oct 1- Dec 4 2019....not Jan 2020. Unfortunately the Endeavour won't be in Marlborough area in 2020. Endeavour sails south to Hobart in March 2020 in preparation so the ship can sail north into Botany Bay for April 2020.
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Thanks for your good work.
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