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1 President's Corner
Ted Tierney considers this year’s events associated with James Cook.
2 HMB Endeavour Transit of Venus Dinner
What it is and how to attend
3 Diary of a Volunteer Endeavour Guide
A few enjoyable days spent by Roz Johnston in the ship in April.
4 Regional Meeting NSW
Report on the activities of 213 February 2012.
5 Inside the Endeavour’s Circumnavigation of Australia
Jennifer Byrne’s experience in the replica between Cairns and Thursday Island.
6 Victoria Regional Meeting
Report on the activities of 22 March 2012.
7 250th anniversary of Cook’s discovery of the east coast of Australia in 2020
The plans of the Botanic Gardens Australia and New Zealand.
8 Finding Antarctica: mapping the last continent
A description of the exhibition visited by members recently.
9 Cocktail Party on the Endeavour
How 55 members and friends enjoyed a great evening on 26 April. 
10 A Greenwich Canvas and Beyond
A review of the book by Margaret Kaye published in 2011.
11 Cook’s Endeavour Premium Australian Wine
An offer too good to turn down.  A 2011 Semillon Sauvignon Blanc and a 2009 Cabernet Merlot at a special price to CCS members.  Can be collected or shipped. 
12 Transit of Venus 2012 Commemorative Stamp
How to purchase the commemorative cover and stamp.
13 EG Waterhouse National Camellia Gardens
A description of the eight-acres in Caringbah, with pictures of the Cook memorial plaques.


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General interest in the navigational skills and discoveries of Captain James Cook.
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