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April 2011

Contents Endeavour Lines April 2011
1 President's Corner
Ted Tierney summarises member involvement with the restoration of the Cook memorial at Point Venus, Tahiti.
2 Cook Stained Glass Window at Sydney Town Hall
What it is and how it got there.
3 Captain Cook, Master of the Seas - Details of the latest biography to be published.
4 Victoria Regional Meeting
Report on the activities of 24 March 2011
5 Cook Stamps Issued by Cook Islands
A reproduction of how Ted Tierney displays the 1968 set of eight stamps on an album page.
6 A Less Known Cook Memorial
A description and photographs of the one at Geelong, and an explanation of how it got there
7 Centuries Slip Away Like the Tide for the Sake of Cook's Endeavour
How the rigging of the replica ship was replaced after 10 years of use.
8 Endeavour Circumnavigation Call for Volunteers
How to be a volunteer guide or overnight shipkeeper whilst the ship is in port.
9 Regional Meeting NSW
Report on the activities of 24 February 2011.
10 Aphrodite's Island
A review of the book by Dame Anne Salmond.
11 The Odyssey of Captain Cook
A review of the catalogue of prints by Marian Maguire.
12 Cook Bridges in NSW
Photographs and information about three bridges in Sydney.


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