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April 2010

Page Article
2 President's Message
The CCS in the UK, Weekend Meeting 2010
3 Whitby and the Seven Years' War
10 A Kentle of Fish
11 A Visit to Some Places in the South Pacific
14 Heinrich Zimmermann and a Proposed Voyage
16 Log Lines - new members, etc.
17 Cook Philately
18 Shells Collected on Cook's Voyages
19 The Life of Samuel Johannes Holland - Part 2
24 From My Collection
25 New and Recent Issues
26 Bad Money and Two Bills
27 50 Years Ago
28 In Search of Alexander Buchan
29 Help Wanted!
30 William Doyle: "A Superannuated Boatswain"
31 Restoration of Cook's Vase is Planned
32 Endeavour Replica: Leaving Europe
33 Am I Related to Zachary Hicks?
34 Ledyard Memorial at Groton
35 Obituary - Mary Clegg
36 The Wills of Captain Cook's Crew: Charles Clerke (2nd Will)
37 The Curious Woolwich Wager
38 Cook's Medical Men
39 Captain Cook's Tree, Clapham
40 Wanted and For Sale
Cooktown Re-enactment 2010
41 Cook Books - Part 97
46 CCS Auction Number 22
Botanical Olympics 2012
47 Endeavour in Space
48 James Cook and the Exploration of the Pacific


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