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April 2010

1 President's Corner
Ted Tierney summarises recent past and future branch activities
2 Mitchell Library Centenary
What it is and what is being celebrated
3 Eddystone Rock
How the one near Pedra Banca was named in 1777
4 Introducing a member
Ryan Hodgetts describes his interest in Cook
5 Banks' Florilegium
How paintings of plants collected on the Endeavour voyage came to be published
6 Regional Meeting NSW
Report on the activities of 24 March 2010
7 Cooks' Cottage 75th anniversary
How the CCS took part in Melbourne on 17 October 2009
8 Author Anthony Hill wins award
2009 NSW Premier's Young People's History Prize awarded for book on Isaac Manley
9 Melbourne family of James Smith
Continuing research into the life of James Cook Smith and his descendants
10 Regional Meeting Victoria
Report on the activities on 25 March 2010
11 Cape Turnagain and Again
How James Cook proved to his officers that the North Island of New Zealand was not part of a southern continent
12 Cooks' Cottage Commemorative Envelopes
Details of how to purchase these items
13 Mothers Day Exhibition at Cooks' Cottage
Details of an exhibition taking place 1-16 May 2010
14 German Australiana and Pacifica
Note about a catalogue of books from 1702 to 1970


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