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Page Article
2 President's Message
The CCS in the UK, Weekend Meeting 2009
3 Captain Cook's Executors: Thomas Dyall
7 Log Lines - new members, etc.
8 Quiver Collected on Third Voyage
Captain Cook Filming - TV Documentary Cut
9 William Charles Mariner - Reporter from Tonga
10 CCS Auction Number 21
11 The CCS in Germany, Bonn Meeting, 2009
A Little Trip to the Big Island [The CCS in the USA, Hawaii Meeting, 2009]
15 Speculative Cook Commemorative Stamps - Part 2
19 Summary of Punishments with Cook
20 The Royal Society's Captain Cook medal - Part 3
22 A Few Strokes of White Paint to Put It Right
23 Captain Tobias Furneaux (1735-1781)
24 Copying Captain Cook
26 Endeavour Replica, 2009
27 Cook Books - Part 93
29 Remembering Ron Ravneberg, 1948 - 2009
30 Richard Hergest (~1754-1791)
32 Ship's Cove, Queen Charlotte Sound, New Zealand
33 A CCS Member Introduces Herself
34 Cook and Canada: A Reputation in the Making
Charles Darwin and James Cook
35 Canadian Re-enactment of Cook's Surveying
James Cook and the Exploration of the Pacific
38 Captain Cook's Chairs (?)
39 The Making of a Hero: Captain Cook's Last Voyage
40 New and Recent Issues
41 My Endeavour Models
44 The CCS in Australia, Endeavour Lines
Some Musings on the CCS Conference in Hawaii
46 CCS on the Web
From Book to TV Series: a Talk
47 Raid on Gaspé and Cook's First Published Chart


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