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April 2009

Contents Endeavour Lines April 2009
1 President's Corner - Ted Tierney summarises recent past and future branch activities
2 NSW Regional Meeting March 11 - Report on the day's activities.
3 Bark Endeavour 2009 Voyages - Information on how to sail on the replica during the winter.
4 Hawaii 2009 - Report on the conference held in February.
5 Victoria Regional Meeting March 26 - Report on the day's activities.
6 Counting Icebergs in Ukraine - How Frances Rouse came to write a play about Elizabeth Cook that was performed in Kirovograd.
7 Learning about James Cook - A tribute to J.C. Beaglehole.
8 The Unknown Cook - Article by Dr J.C. Beaglehole, originally published in 1969.
9 Cooks' Cottage - Events are being planned for winter 2009, the 75th anniversary of the opening of the cottage in Melbourne.
10 The "Waterlines" Project - modern drawings of the New Zealand coastline from an idea inspired by Herman Spöring's drawings.
11 Endeavour's Iron Ballast - How it got there, its composition, and the challenge: Where is it now?


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