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April 2008

Page Article
2 President's Message
The CCS in the UK, Weekend Meeting 2008
3 My Birthday Surprise
4 Researching the Men Who Sailed With Cook
6 The Trial of the Cannibal Dog - The Opera
7 Seen at Auction - And on eBay
9 Francis Wilkinson's Puzzle
Log Lines - new members, etc.
10 Smoking Coasts and Ice-bound Seas
11 CCS on the Web
The CCS in Australia, Endeavour Lines
12 Captain Cook Statue at Greenwich
14 Cook's Reception in Germany in the 18th Century
15 Gravestone to Richard Rollett at Gainsborough
16 Coastal Scenes Around Hawai'i
18 Graham Gore - John Gore's Grandson
19 A Visit To The Site of The Cook Family Cottage at Aireyholme Farm, Great Ayton
20 The Gentleman's Magazine, December 1795
21 Tracing My Link to Captain James Cook
24 James Cook in Hamburg
25 Captain Cook Filming - TV Documentary Aired
Bishop Museum Permanently Displays Cook
26 New and Recent Issues
28 A CCS Member Introduces Himself
29 Fothering
Endeavour - a Thorny Subject!
30 Did The Crew On The Third Voyage Believe They Were The First Europeans To Visit The Hawaiian Islands?
31 Francis Wilkinson's Answer
32 A Letter To Mrs Cook From John Manley
A Dusky Sound Experience
33 Forby Sutherland
Canadian Re-enactment of Cook's Surveying
34 Mile End Old Town Walks, 2008
Help Wanted!
35 The CCS in the USA, Hawaii Meeting 2009
Words and Their Place
36 Who Was the Other Captain Cook?
Captain James Cook on Flickr
37 James Cook in Rouen
38 Cook Books - Part 89


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