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April 2007

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2 President's Message
CCS Auction Number 19
3 James Cook in the Eagle, July 1756 to June 1757
7 The Pleasures of Collecting Books on Cook and Pacific Exploration
10 Journey to Kealakekua Bay
12 Port Sandwich
13 Banks's Brass Patu - An Update
14 James Ward
15 Chateau Bay
16 Northern Peninsula Heritage Conference, 2006
17 An Opportunity to Visit Trinity House, Hull
Proposed New Constitution for the Society
18 Constitution of the Captain Cook Society
20 CCS Member Introduces Himself
21 Comet C/1769 P1 Messier
23 CCS on the Web
New and Recent Issues
24 The Bounty Monument at Point Venus, Tahiti
25 An Unexpected Encounter at Great Ayton, 2006
26 Who Was the "Runner" at Batavia?
27 The CCS in the UK, Weekend Meeting 2007
28 Another Christmas Island Cover
29 A Missing Letter Located - and Lost!
30 Samuel Weir, His Foundation and Governor Simcoe
31 The Naval Chronicle
32 Monument to John Elliott at Ripon Cathedral
33 Engraving of Cook's Birthplace
34 John Gore's "Young One" - An Update
Cook and Tahiti in "Far from the Madding Crowd"
35 Captain Cook Memorial Walk, 1978
37 CCS-A Meetings in New South Wales and Victoria
From My Collection
38 An Invitation To The Edge Of The World
41 Log Lines - new members, etc.
42 Botanical Endeavours! Joseph Banks & his Legacy
43 Endeavour Replica, 2007
44 Omai is Between Worlds
Archaeology Trip to Marquesas
The Origins of Fulke Lowe's First Name
45 Wanted and For Sale
46 Who Named Mount Egmont?
47 Captain Vancouver Festival, 2007
Mile End Old Town Walk, 2007
  Cook Books - Part 85
Rewriting the Long Eighteenth Century


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Hi, My maiden name is Lowe and 'family lore' has that Fulke Lowe is an ancestor, so I am trying to find out more detail on him. There is a point above, #44 which has 'The Origins of Fulke Lowe's First Name' on it. How can I access the information under this title please?
By Marie Peard on 11/30/2018 3:11:51 AM Like:0 DisLike:0

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