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Leaving Fremantle

Page Article
2 President’s Message
A Graphic Figurehead
3 Quiz: Cook’s Ships on Stamps - Answers
4 Buckland Abbey
5 My 1968 Trip to Point Venus, Tahiti
6 The Forsters on Cook as a Commander
8 Endeavour Replica: At Tahiti
9 Museum of Fine Arts, St Petersburg, Florida
16 A Connection Between Cook and Admiral Nelson
12 225 Years Ago in London
Help Wanted - William Perry
13 Captain Cook In Mile End Old Town - Part 3
16 Captain Cook Monument Revisited
17 An 18th Century Evening on board Endeavour
18 The CCS in Australia
The CCS in the UK
19 Seen At Auction - And On eBay
20 Endeavour Replica: Sailing across the North Sea
21 CCS Auction Number 17
22 Log Lines - new members, etc.
23 Sailing through Unknown Waters
24 William Bayly (1737 –1810)
25 South Georgia
26 Cooktown
27 William Hodges and The Art of Exploration
28 Joshua Reynolds - The Creation of Celebrity
30 Polish Philatelic Exhibition for 700th Anniversary
Cook’s World in Jeopardy
31 Captain Cook on the Internet
32 Despite All That Has Been Written
33 CCS on the Web
34 In The Wake Of Daniel Solander
40 Cook Books - Part 77
42 225 Years Ago, in South Africa
44 Pitcairn Islands Study Group
45 From My Collection
Ships Taken Up From Trade


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