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April 2004

Page Article
2 President's message
25 Continuous Years of our Continued Existence
3 Quiz: Cook's Ships on Stamps - Part 1
4 Forgotten Treasures From Cook's First Voyage
6 Help Wanted!
7 Crew of the Grenville
10 King Kamehameha's Arrow
11 William Hodges and The Art of Exploration
13 Two John Barrows – Père et Fils
14 CCS Auction Number 15
15 "To Haxard My Life"
16 CCS Member Introduces Himself, Colin Borrott-Maloney
17 Discovery and Exploration
18 A Day at Seventeen Seventy
19 A Visit to Kurnell
20 CCS on the Web
Monument to John Elliott at Ripon Cathedral
21 Some Factors Governing Cook
25 Log Lines - new members, etc.
26 Captain Cook – An Early Canadian
27 Wanted and For Sale
28 Captain Cook Birthday Celebrations in New Zealand
Endeavour Replica: 2004 Schedule
29 Cook Books - Part 73
32 A Portrait of Cook
Was a Curse Placed on Cook and His Heirs?
33 225 Years Ago, in London
"Captain Cook" Burger
Robert Martin Bequest
34 Benjamin Drawater
A Pub with a Captain Cook Connection
35 Some More Cancels
36 Book of Cloth Being Auctioned
37 An Enlightening Visit
38 New and Recent Issues
39 CCS Member Introduces Herself, Celia Syversen
Captain Cook Memorial, Hawaii
40 Robert Palliser Cooper's Warrants
Upside Down Captain Cook Sells Well
41 A Good Story Crying Out To Be Told
42 225 Years Ago - what Cook's Ships were up to during April to June, 1779
49 Endeavour Replica: 2003 Trip Remembered
50 CCS Officers Caught on Camera!
CCS Member Introduces Himself, Roger Walters


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